Differences between writing and blogging

Writing is a well-known thing and people know about writing work; writing a book, writing articles for newspapers and magazines and writing many stories etc. Now in these days a new word "blogging" is very popular on internet. What the means of blogging and what is blogging? What the differences between writing and blogging are?

Writing is a clear concept; writing any draft, story, article, play, script etc. It is mainly a manual work and writers have chances to edit the article, or rewrite the articles.

When they send it to newspapers or magazines; there is a keen procedure of editing and proof reading complied by the editors. Blogging is a new word and it came in existence due to the evolution of internet when many websites provide a facility to create a blog on the website and writers moved to internet to write and publish the articles, stories and the research on internet. Blogging is consist of two main things writing a blog post and publish it on the blog. There are many types of blogging work; writing blog posts for own blog, writing blog posts for others blog, publishing the blogs, collecting and publishing other blogger's posts on own blog. Blogging are of many kinds; professional blogging, blogging for hobby, blogging for any purpose etc.

What the main difference between blogging and writing are? Writing is a manual activity while blogging is especially an online activity. Writing possess through a process of editing while when any blogger blog at his own blog, he is the editor himself. Writing does not need any technical experience while there is a need to have knowledge of many techniques like search engine optimization, key word density, and search engine trends for a successful blogging.

What are your blogging experiences?
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